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Title: Diverse uitdagende stages Toerisme en Hotelmanagement
Location: Breda, Netherlands
Start date: As Soon As Possible
Field of expertise: Recreation Management
Placement type: Internship
Description: Zowel in Nederland, als in Belgiƫ en Engeland bieden wij leuke en leerzame stages aan....
Title: European Project management in Art, Culture & Citizenship
Location: Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto - Sicily, Italy
Start date: Flexible
Field of expertise: Political Science
Placement type: Internship
Description: Eprojectconsult is looking for an highly motivated and talented person which would like...
Title: Ethical information analyst
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Start date: Flexible
Field of expertise: Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies
Placement type: Internship
Description: Covalence offers in-house and distant ethical information analyst internships position...